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A Progressive Small Business Firm in Martinsburg, WV
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"Diehl has developed a realworld business sense that promotes realistic solutions to the problems most commonly experienced by business owners."

- Around the Panhandle Magazine   
We are bridging opportunities for small business in West Virginia.
Diehl Law is Pointing Business Forward®  for its clients. Whether starting up a new business structure, refining company policies and documents, assisting with employment matters, or just advising clients on any one of the myriad of issues faced in the business world, Diehl Law is committed to small and mid-size business in West Virginia and is here to help you make yours the best that it can be.

At Diehl Law, the focus is on helping your business grow at the right pace and with the right legal resources. In an era where our society looks to small and medium size businesses to create jobs and stimulate the economy, Diehl Law understands how much is at stake. With real world experience in the corporate world, Diehl Law can provide insight into how, by working with the community a business serves, it helps to increase prosperity for all.

Diehl Law uses modern technology to reduce costs and increase productivity for you and your business. The firm focuses on business law including business formation, writing contracts geared toward small and medium-sized businesses, developing brands, planning for business growth and working with business owners who need legal counsel as they develop their companies but who cannot afford to have a lawyer in-house.

  • To prepare a more solid small business community in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.
  • To assist the non-profit sector with organizational design and legal/business structures.
  • To use innovative technology to create a more responsive and engaged legal partner for clients.
  • To build a reputation as a solid business law firm and community partner.
  • To serve as an example for clients by utilizing proven business principles and practices.

Company Goals and Objectives:  
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NOTE: Confidential information should not be sent using the "Request Info" option. To protect its existing clients, Diehl Law will contact each new inquiry to screen for conflicts of interest before any attorney-client relationship can be established. Therefore, using the "Request Info" option is for initial inquiries only. Thank you for your understanding.
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