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Diehl Law PLLC understands that the essence of the practice of law includes a more altruistic purpose, one that is rooted in justice, integrity, and community. In the business context, Diehl Law believes that a properly governed society includes one where people in business can recognize the opportunities available in the market and utilize those opportunities for a greater good for its stakeholders. That is why the community becomes the cornerstone of the law firm. Diehl Law intends to attract clients with missions that will enhance the local community and will decline clients where the firm believes the community is not best served. It is committed primarily to the small and mid-size entrepreneur, which has historically been the backbone of our great nation and a segment of business that is not often best served by our legal environment. Additionally, the firm is committed to investing its first fruits back into the community through sponsorships, charitable giving, and investment opportunities, so that a cycle of continuous community improvement becomes a viable byproduct of the firm’s success.
Four Pillar Business Philosophy
I. Community – We invest in the community.
Too often in business, the individual is lost in a corporate context that devalues the human contribution to business enterprise. We often forget that individuals, whether they be owners, employees, customers, or other stakeholders, are the true voices of the organization and can either mean the success or failure of a business endeavor. Diehl Law approaches its practice with a value for the individual and encourages its clients to do the same, so that increased productivity, value-driven employees, and satisfied customers become assets to the business and those that help to drive it to greater success.

As a small business itself, Diehl Law recognizes that the vision and mission of an organization are what give its stakeholders a purpose to invest in it. Diehl Law is committed to identification of stakeholders in West Virginia’s business community, whether they be clients, employees, companies, non-profits, agencies, or community members, and to consistently evaluate and tailor its business philosophy toward a mission, purpose, and vision that stakeholders can relate to, adopt, and promote.

Diehl Law PLLC realizes that an emphasis on all four pillars is a necessary foundation to sustainable and meaningful business development. As such, Diehl Law takes care to balance these pillars in its business approach and strategies so that its business clients in the community are well positioned for long-term sustainable success and growth available to them through the resources offered in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.
II. Individual - We value the individual.
III. Stakeholders - We give purpose to our stakeholders.
IV. Business - We strengthen and grow business.
Diehl Law participates in many community activities like the Main Street Martinsburg Book Faire and Chocolate Festival.
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